Rumpelstiltskin in Live Action!!

The Rumpelstiltskin drama in the new Form 2 KBSM Literature Component syllabus is yet to be taught in schools. It only will  be implemented next year when the Form 1 students this year go to Form 2. Therefore, Olivia and I cannot find so much information regarding this drama. How depressing. We only found half  of the text of the drama.

However, last few days I did some research on Youtube regarding this interesting story and found its live action! I’m so happy.

I mean all this while I only read the story in children story books, and now I get to see the real moving talking Rumpelstiltskin. Cool~~ So, here is the first part of the film I found on Youtube. I am so going to download this movie and show  it to my students in the future. My class will be very interesting =D

Watch it! It will be worthwhile =P

So, everyone, Enjoy!



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Colouring Competition =D

Olivia's colouring picture of the King in Rumpelstiltskin =D

Yesterday we had printed out the pictures of Rumpelstiltskin. However, the  pictures are all in black and white and we don’t think that the students will like the lame pictures. Therefore we resorted to colour pencils. How cool is that? I felt like a kindergarten kid again when we were colouring. Feel young. hehe.

Oh ya, on Monday we also did another filming at Taman Tasik Cempaka. It was such a nice day to play kite but after a while it rained =(. But still, we managed to take a few shots of photos before heading to McDonald for dinner.

Them, I was taking the picture =P

Us, before heading to McD *happy*

Till then, Audieu. Will post more about our progress. Hope everyone is having a nice day

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Filming on the Mid Valley Bridge

Hello there, long time no see. =)

This week we have done our filming on the Mid Valley Bridge. However, only two of the A.N.JELL’s members involved because another two had to study for their Korean quiz. Ganbate! Well, what friends are for if we do not help with each other right?

So these are some pictures that Olivia and I took while we were there =)

Oliv and I

Ooops, the line sucks, I cannot upload other pictures. But I will try next time k. This always happens to me. =(

By the way, Olivia and I have also started doing the pair work. We have bought the new literature syllabus book and scanned some pictures from it for our giant book. Soon, we will colour the pictures together.  Owh, I feel like a kindergaten kid again! This week we have also bought some materials needed for the assignmnents stuffs like manila cards, glue and double tape.

Till then, audieu, Have a nice weekend.

Edited on 18 March 2009.

I promised that i would upload more pics if the server is okay. So guess what, it is okay now, soI want to share some more pics when we did filming on the Mid Valley Bridge. Promise is promise right?=P

Olivia was happy because we just finished filming

The views

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Shoot here, Shoot there, Shooting Everywhere!

Yes, finally, we had our shootings! Though we had to do a lot of takes, it was really fun. We laughed a lot during the shootings =D

A few weeks ago, when we were having presentation for our video project, Miss Aidah said it is better if have specific people to do certain tasks. Assigning people we did, these are our responsibilities:

Director: The group leader, Najwa

Screenwriter: Olivia

Props manager: Sarah

Camera lady: Sze Nin

Video editor: Najwa

Actresses: All of us

Producer: A.N.JELL

All of us truly know that we all are actually responsible for EVERYTHING.  From preparing props to shooting videos, we never left out any members. We did EVERYTHING together. Well, that is what friends are for, right? As a group leader, I’m so proud of A.N.JELL.

Our first shooting began last week, a week before CNY. The venue was Olivia and Sze Nin’s room.  Here are some of the pics that we took after the shooting.

Sze Nin was truly satisfied with her acting, look at the proudest smile...

Sarah and Olivia were more than happy to take a snap with one of the props that we used. Oops, that is fake pic though, the real one will be revealed when the video is done

The next day we went to Metro Kajang for another shooting. This time it was Sarah’s turn to act. It was really hot, but we were glad that we were able to do all the shoootings that day. Mr. Sun is never an obstacle

The nervous Sarah waiting for her shooting

The three of us were happy because it is not our turn

Next, is my shooting. I can’t wait, yet I’m nervous too.  I fear I cannot act as good as them


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Individual Assignment changed to Pair Work^^

We are more than happy that our individual teaching aid archive assignment has changed into pair work.Kekeke~~~~

 We did a draw lots to determine our own partner and mine is Olivia!^^ We have decided to do teaching aids on Literature component, Rumpelstiltskin.

What are our teaching aids? Cannot tell you yet =P because we haven’t started doing anything. But we have rough ideas of what we are going to do already. This assignment will  surely be fun ^^

Oh no, Rumpelstiltskin tried to snatch away the baby!

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Cognitivism and Information Processing

During the latest tutorial (26th January 2009) we had a discussion on the models for teaching. My group, A.N.JELL was asked by Miss Aidah to find information on COGNIVITISM and INFORMATION PROCESSING. I remembered that we have learnt about this in Educational Psychology. But as the inputs that go into my brain were rarely encoded and stored in the long-term memory during the information processing, I tend to forget. =X

Nevertheless I have found some information on Cognivitism and Information Processing which I found very useful for my my dear friends and I.  From our discussion, we found out that cognitive psychologists challenge the limitations of behaviorism in its focus on observable behavior. They incorporate mental structure and process into their learning theories. Their assumption is based on the principle that “you can’t force someone to learn”. Hrmm, let me quote some from a reliable source=)

“Cognitive theory defines learning as “a semi-permanent change in mental processes or associations.” Cognitivists do not require an outward exibition of learning but focus more on the internal processes and connections that take place during learning.

The main assumption of cognitive psychology is that there are cognitive processes that take place and influence the way things are learned. Explanations for how cognitive processes work are known as information processing theories or models. The three-component model of information processing is taught in Educational Psychology.

Important classroom principles from cognitive psychology include meaningful learning, organization, and elaboration.
Create an environment where there are lots of manipulatables, tools where they can develop an understanding. An instructor can ask questions to help students refine their thinking and recognize where they may be wrong.
Failure may be considered a good thing as it is a tool to help learners realize that they need to learn more.
Role of the instructor: monitoring their progress, asking lots of questions.”

As knowledge is seen as schema or symbolic metal constructions, cognitivists have even visualize the information procession that happened in our brain. If you want to see the  visualization of how a mental process looks like, please click here

The server is really bad and I can’t upload the photo. I’m so sorry. =(


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Sudden draft~~~~~

Yellow~~ good morning. I don’t  have much time to babble too much, let’s get to the main points.

First of all we have changed our topic of the video from breaking the stereotype to ways to manage depression. =)

The catchy and flashy title has not been decided yet.

These are the assigned roles for each member:

Narrator:Fan Sze Mun

Camera ladies:All of us

Directors: All of us

Actresses: All of us

Scriptwriters: All of us

Producer: A.N.JELL Production

Objective: To convey the message that we should not be pessimistic about life and always be positive because we may have overlooked all the goodness around us.

Timeframe of video: 10mins++


Week 4-5: Discussion

Week 6: Preparation for materials and props

Week 7-12: Filming and editing

Week 13: Final editing

Week 14: Submission

Audience: Coursemates

Plot of the video:


Situations of depressed people:

1. Almost jumped off the bridge

2. Almost cut hair

3. Almost drink  Clorox

4. Almost consumed pills

Causes of depression:

1. Assignments


3. Financial problem

4.Family arguments

Ways to handle:


1. Planner organizer

Group discussion

Love relationship problem

2. Friends are around to support you and there are other opportunities around

Financial problem

3. Budgeting: make a things-to-buy list

Family arguments

4. Sit down and discuss with family members


Stop doing all the negative things and start to enjoy life to the fullest.


  1. Hostel room
  2. Midvalley Bridge
  3. Car
  4. In front of ATM machine
  5. The park next to McDonald’s Bandar Baru Bangi
  6. More to come

Thank you~~~ =)

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